Here’s Why You Should Hire a Personal Trainer

If you’re trying to get in better shape, you might be considering hiring a personal trainer to help you achieve your goals.  Hiring a trainer can be costly, though, and maybe you’re wondering if it’s actually worth the expense.  Can a trainer really tell you anything you don’t already know?  In a nutshell–probably so.  There’s a ton of information available to us today that can certainly help us reach our fitness goals.  There’s also a ton of misinformation.  A certified personal trainer can help you separate fitness fact from fiction and fads and help tailor a routine that best suits you.  Also, a trainer can be a great cheerleader in your corner.  Below, we’ll discuss a few reasons that make hiring a personal trainer a good idea if you can afford it.



A trainer can work with you and develop a program based on your age, gender, current weight and fitness level (or lack thereof), and any health concerns you might be facing.  There is no true one-size-fits-all way to get in shape.  A qualified trainer understands this and will know what exercises or regimens best fit your needs.  Many trainers can also share great nutrition information that can further help you on your journey while taking any current health issues into consideration.

Since part of a personal trainer’s job is to monitor your progress, he or she will also be able to modify your program if it doesn’t seem to be working as well as you’d both like.  Since different bodies respond to different workout programs in different ways, having a trainer to guide you can save you the aggravation of trying to stick with something that “everybody” is raving about by knowing when it’s time to try something else.


Another part of a personal trainer’s job is to share with you some of their knowledge.  Trainers understand how muscles work together and why one exercise might be better than another.  They also have the knowledge to help you sort through some of the fitness hype that’s so prevalent today.  They can give you true pros and cons of different trending workouts and programs, some of which might be phenomenal for some, but awful for you.


Many people sustain exercise-related injuries because they aren’t doing the exercises properly.  Improper use of free weights or weight machines is not going to get you the results you want, and could cause minor to very serious injuries.  A trainer can teach you proper technique and form, which lessens risk of injury and increases chances of success.  If you have ongoing health issues, a trainer can steer you away from exercises that could do more harm than good and explain why other exercises are more beneficial to you.



Having a trainer is like having your own coach and cheerleader in one.  His or her reputation and livelihood rest on clients being satisfied, so your trainer could actually be even more motivated for you to succeed than you are! It can be hard to stick with a routine on our own.  Making a commitment to a trainer makes us more likely to show up and stick with it.

In addition to being there to offer guidance, education, and motivation, personal trainers are also there to help us celebrate our victories, both great and small.  This can be critical in raising and maintaining our level of confidence in ourselves and our goals.

In short, the expense of a personal trainer is well justified if you want truly informed guidance to help you reach your goals, the support to help you see it through and celebrate milestones, and knowledge that you can take with you and use long after your contract has ended.